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1 Sep, 2022


Important Notice Regarding Relocate Time Service


How to Make a Request
To begin a relocate TIME service, request must be completed at selfcare.time.com.

Availability of my Coverage
Outdoor relocation is contingent on coverage availability.
You may also verify this through our Self-Care site.

Type of Relocate TIME Internet
INDOOR RELOCATION – Device relocation within the same house/unit.
OUTDOOR RELOCATION – Service relocation to another unit/floor/or building.

INDOOR RELOCATION – RM80 will be added to your next bill.
OUTDOOR RELOCATION – RM120 will be added to your next bill.
If more cabling is required, additional fees may apply.

Bring Your Device
Please also bring the Optical Network Unit (ONU), router, and dect phone (if applicable) to your new location.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why am I unable to select a relocation date when submitting my request?

A1: Your new building’s network may be being upgraded. Our team will call you within two business days to confirm this.

Q2: What options do I have if my new location is not covered by TIME?

A2: If this is the case, you may need to unsubscribe from our services.

Q3: My new location is not covered by TIME. Can I ask for a waiver of the early termination penalty?

A3: Because the 24-month contract is related to the existing location, we will be unable to waive the penalty. After then, you might choose to move your account to someone else to avoid the penalty.

Q4: How can I reschedule the meeting?

A4: You may reschedule the appointment once under Self Care under “Recent Activities.” This option, however, will not be accessible three working days before the actual appointment date.

Q5: What should I do if I enter the wrong unit number/address?

A5: You must resubmit the request with the proper address. Please contact us to cancel the current request.

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Finally, the option to reschedule will be offered ONLY ONCE and must be provided at least 3 working days before to the actual appointment date. Planning on to terminate your current Internet Plan? Here is the way!

If you require any further information, please leave a note here or phone us at 0172663666. If you believe this post is useful, please share it with your friends. Thank you for your time.

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