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12 Sep, 2022

Relocate UNIFI Plan

I want to move another house. Unifi has been installing for a long time. The question is, can you bring Unifi to a new home? Let’s understand the process or how relocate Unifi to a new home.

How to relocate the existing unifi to another home?

Key conditions.

  • First of all, the requirement to relocate UNIFI, the area of ​​the house to move is a must have a fiber facility.
  • Not just a facility should be there, the port should be there. If there is no facility, relocation cannot be done.
  • If the UNIFI Fiber facility is available, you just need to follow the process of relocation of unifi.

How to ask for unifi relocation

Just tell the customer service that your purpose is to relocate unifi. Later they will check the new area coverage and set appointment for relocation. Check TMPoint here.


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