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30 Aug, 2022

Here’s How to Terminate Your Time Internet Plan

You can cancel by logging into Selfcare as shown below:

When you log in to selfcare, you will see this as the main page; click MANAGE PLAN and go to the following page:

Select your request as show: TERMINATE SERVICE

Other than that, you can also follow this step below:

Customers who wish to cancel their Time internet service should contact us at 1800-18-1818 or cs@time.com.my. We will send you a service cancellation form, which you must fill out and submit to the same email address.

Please keep in mind that we demand a one-month notice of termination, and your request will be completed within seven (7) working days of receipt.

Otherwise, customer may go here to change their service or to immediately terminate subscription here 

Here are some crucial reminders for customers who want to cancel their subscription:

  • Any cancellation request must be made with at least 30 days’ notice.
  • When a service is terminated, an early termination penalty of at least RM500 OR the number of remaining contract months will be assessed.
  • Consequently, throughout the contract time described in the Terms & Conditions that go along with the subscription to the Services (s).
  • The recovery of your optical network unit (ONU), router, and DECT phone will be arranged by phone if your membership is less than three months old.
  • Refunds will be given by bank transfer in Malaysian Ringgit (RM).
  • Within 90 to 180 days of the final bill date, refunds will be processed and sent payable to the account owner.
  • If the form is not completed, the submission will be denied.
  • A 30 day notice will also be sent, and it will be computed from the revised submission date.
Celcom Business

Why do you want to terminate the TIME internet, is it because of,

A: Switch service providers?

  • Poor network quality
  • Limited Offering/value-added services
  • Uncompetitive Pricing
  • Poor after-sales support
  • Others

B: Relocation

  • Out of TIME coverage
  • Out of country

Any reason for terminating of service is also no problem, but your new address also need internet connection service right?

Use this opportunity to share with u about the other fibre broadband service can offer to your new address or consider switching to new fibre broadband.

U can find out more from Unifi Broadband , Maxis Fibre Broadband or Allo City Broadband

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