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1 Sep, 2022

How to terminate unifi account?

Here is the correct procedure for terminate Unifi Fibre account. You must first realise that a 24-month contract will be in place once you enrol to Unifi. You’ll pay a fee if you close your account during this time frame.

Charges penalties for terminate unifi:

1. If Unifi Home is terminated during the contract time for either,

  • The Unifi Basic plan (30 Mbps, RM79) or the Unifi Lite plan (100 Mbps, RM129), a penalty equal to the number of remaining months will be charged.
  • Other outdated packages will incur a penalty cost of RM 500.

2. The early termination cost for the Unifi TV pack (for older packages) will be calculated depending on the amount of the Unifi TV pack’s remaining monthly membership price,

  • Aneka+, Varnam+, and Ruby+: RM30 per month
  • Maximum: RM60 per month

How to terminate unifi account:

I divided the approach into two distinct circumstances. These are the two scenarios:

1. There is no problem to end the 24-month contract.

2. If you meet the requirements listed below within the 24-month contract, the penalty will be waived.

  • Moving and losing your Unifi Fibre coverage
  • Moving and losing your Streamyx coverage
maxis fibre plan

Situation 1: Following the 24-month agreement

  1. You can ask to terminate unifi account by any TM digital channel:
  • Unifi’s self-help website offers live chat at unifi.com.my/chat/index.html.
  • Using Facebook, go to facebook.com/weareunifi
  • @helpmeunifi on Twitter
terminate unifi

2. TM will send you a pre-final bill detailing your outstanding debt.

3. From Day 31 to Day 35, go to any TMpoint outlet near you to complete the termination request.

Important! If you go to the TMpoint after Day 35 in step 3 above, your previous 30-day termination notification may be invalid. TM 4 will almost certainly require another 30 days’ notice. 

unifi terminate 2 2

4. After your request to terminate unifi account is completed, you will get a final bill that includes all of your consumption for the last 30 days.

In addition to the penalty amount for contract cancellation or failure to return the equipment (if applicable), any deposit paid will be pro-rated in the final bill.

unifi terminate 4 1 1

5. Pay your outstanding debt, including any penalties, as specified in your final bill.

6. The termination is deemed final once money is received.

7. Save the payment receipt for future reference.

If you are unable to directly walk-in to a TMpoint shop, you may appoint a representative to do so, accompanied by a permission letter and a copy of your IC, to cancel the account on your behalf.

Situation 2: During the 24-month contract period

In addition, make certain that your new home does not have Unifi Fibre or Streamyx coverage. Furthermore, there is Streamyx coverage; however, you must downgrade to Streamyx and will not be able to quit without penalty.

The modem and router must be returned to the TMpoint.

Here is my firsthand experience with terminate Unifi Fibre account:

1. Pay any overdue bills.

2. Take your modem and router to the nearest TMpoint.

3. Obtain the Termination form from the counter and your identification number.

4. Complete the Termination form.

5. Be patient as you wait your turn.

6. Inform them that you will be terminate unifi account owing to the lack of coverage at your new residence.

7. They’ll want documentation proving that your new home lacks Unifi Fibre and Streamyx coverage.

8. Hand over the work to them and return.

9. They will send a technician to confirm the exact condition within 3 to 7 working days.

10. Finally, your Unifi Fibre account will be cancelled without penalty after 7 days.

Any cause for ending the service is not an issue, but your new address will also require internet access, correct? Check your relocation and new coverage of UNIFI Plan here!

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