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Written by nasuha

6 Sep, 2022


I’d want to give someone else ownership of my phone number. How can I do Maxis transfer ownership?

First, you may stroll into any Maxis Centre to done the Maxis transfer ownership of your mobile number. Then, to do the Maxis transfer ownership, both the existing and new proprietors of the mobile number must be present.

Where can I make a modification or transfer of ownership request for my Maxis services/account?

Besides, you can seek  for a transfer ownership at a Maxis Centre if you have the necessary documentation and both the existing and new owners are present.

Other than that, you may find more information about some of the most typical scenarios in the FAQs below.

Only at Maxis Centres transfer ownership is easy to be done.

Find your nearest Maxis Centre by clicking HERE.

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My loved one just passed away. Can I change the ownership of a Maxis account that belongs to him/her?

Undoubtedly, you can. Please walk into Maxis Center to change the ownership. Mandatory documents required are:-

  • Proof of death: Death Certificate of registered owner.
  • Proof of relationship for transfer of ownership
  • Spouse: Marriage Certificate.
  • Parent to Children or vice versa: Original Cert of Birth Certificate / Adoption Certificate.


My daughter has just graduated from varsity and started working. I prefer her managing the phone bills on her own. How do I go about it?

Hence, it will involve change / transfer ownership of your service to your daughter. Both parties are required to walk into Maxis Center to perform this change. This is an important change, hence please bring along your MyKad, we will conduct biometric verification prior to making any amendment. As well as that, for foreigners, please walk into Maxis Center personally with your passport.

Moreover, if your daughter is not an existing Maxis customer, she has to register for a new account, advance payment may be applicable. For foreigner deposit is applicable.

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Importantly, it is hoped that today’s guidance will simplify your business for transferring ownership of your Maxis Plan. If this partnership helps you, don’t forget to share it for the sake of mutual benefit. Good luck!


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