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1 Sep, 2022

How to terminate your maxis fibre?

How to Terminate Maxis Fibre (Online / In Person at a Maxis Center)

Do you like the service you receive from Maxis Fiber? Do you want to explore new services like Unifi’s and have a different experience? Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to terminate Maxis Fibre now.

Terminate Maxis Fibre: A Guide

Don’t worry if you are a Maxis Fiber client who is pleased with the services you have gotten; we simply want to offer you options if you are considering switching to services offered in addition to those offered by Maxis Fiber.

As you are all aware, the majority of us would assume that we must visit the Maxis counter in order to end our Maxis Fiber service. No, not always. So, we’ll go through two options for terminating your Maxis Fiber service: online and at a Maxis counter.

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#1 Terminate Maxis Fibre Online

The first approach is the simplest way to do the task online and is best suited for people who dislike standing in long lines.

  • Visit the Maxis Web Portal.
  • You will need to check in to your
  • Maxis account when you launch the website.
  • By selecting “First Time User,” you can create a new account if you’re a new user.
  • After logging in, locate “Pay Bill” and click it to view all of your unpaid and outstanding balances.
maxis termination
  • On your most recent invoice, click.
  • Click “Proceed” to begin making payments.
  • You have a choice of several ways to settle your outstanding bills, including using your credit card or your favourite FPX Bank, such as Maybank2u.
  • By selecting “View Payment History” after making a payment, you may view the status of your transaction.
maxis termination 1
  • Then select “Live Chat” to speak with Maxis directly.
  • When Maxis answers your call and you are connected, you must inform them that you wish to cancel your Maxis Fiber service.┬áComplete the Maxis Fiber Terminate procedure.
maxis termination 2
maxis termination 3

#2 Terminate Maxis Fibre at the Maxis Counter.

  • Visit the Maxis Counter in your area.
  • Take the turn number up there and wait for your turn to be called.
  • You walk directly to the desk after being called and explain that you want to cancel your Maxis Fibre service.
  • Your personal details will be requested by the operator for validation.
  • Finish the procedure of closing your Maxis Fiber account after that.

It is anticipated that the advice provided today will make it easier for you to discontinue your Maxis Fiber service. Please read how to share your Maxis credit if you utilise the prepaid plan and are a Maxis customer. If you find this cooperation useful, please spread the word so that both parties may gain. Best of luck!

terminate maxis plan 1

Why do you want to terminate the Maxis Internet is it because of,

A: Switch service providers?

  • Poor network quality
  • Limited Offering/value-added services
  • Uncompetitive Pricing
  • Poor after-sales support
  • Others

B: Relocation

  • Out of MAXIS coverage
  • Out of country

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